Linting & formatting

This project uses ESLint, Stylelint, Markdownlint, and Prettier to catch errors and avoid bikeshedding by enforcing a common code style.


  • JavaScript is linted by ESLint and formatted by Prettier
  • HTML (in templates and JSX) is linted by ESLint
  • CSS is linted by Stylelint and formatted by Prettier
  • GraphQL is linted by ESLint and formatted by Prettier
  • Markdown is linted by Markdownlint and formatted by Prettier
  • JSON is formatted by Prettier
  • Images are minified by imagemin-lint-staged (only on pre-commit)


There are a few different contexts in which the linters run.


# Lint all files, fixing many violations automatically
yarn lint

See package.json to update.


Staged files are automatically linted and tested before each commit. See lint-staged.config.js to update.


In supported editors, all files will be linted and formatted on-save. See for details.


This boilerplate ships with opinionated defaults, but you can edit each tools configuration in the following config files:


So many configuration files! Why not move more of this to package.json?

  • Moving all possible configs to package.json can make it really packed, so that quickly navigating to a specific config becomes difficult.
  • When split out into their own file, many tools provide the option of exporting a config from JS. I do this wherever possible, because dynamic configurations are simply more powerful, able to respond to environment variables and much more.